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The Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department is primarily funded through donations from good folks like you. Our members work hard to provide Nolensville with the best fire safety standards.

Here are the current needs of the NVFD, and what your money will go towards:

Extracation Icon-01.png
Extrication Equipment

 Our extrication equipment is between 10-20 years old. 

It's no longer capable of cutting or pushing the newer strength steels in vehicles.  Each set of equipment is about $25,000, and we're in need of two sets so we have a primary and a backup.

Ladder Truck Icon-01.png
Equipment Upgrades

Our primary fire engine is 15 years old.  Our rescue is 18 years old.  Though they are still in good shape, we will soon be required to place them in reserve status.  We're also out of room at the fire station to store trucks.  Upgrading to a new Rescue Pumper would allow us to create space and get all of the equipment from these two trucks onto one truck.  We're in need of a ladder truck to reach the roofs and 2nd and 3rd floors of many of the homes and buildings in our territory.  These types of trucks are upwards of $1 million dollars.  Your support will allow us to update our fleet and provide the best resources possible to our citizens in their times of need.

air icon-01.png
Rescue Airbags

Our rescue lifting bags are 19 years old and no longer DOT compliant.  These bags are used when someone is trapped underneath something and we need to lift that item off of them.  These airbags are used in car accidents, building collapses, and industrial accidents.  A new set of airbags is upwards of $20,000.

Fire Hat Icon-01.png

Our firefighters require many hours of specialized training to do what they do.  A lot of the training we have to send our firefighters to in different parts of the state or even out of state.  Your donations help fund our training program to make sure our firefighters are the best in the county at what they do.

In Person

7347 Nolensville Road
Nolensville, TN 37135


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Text To Give

It's easy to donate offline too.

Text "GIVE" 'to (615) 205-1622

Get Involved

Come say hello to us at local community events. You can donate in person, or purchase a NVFD supporter shirt.